Erotic massage, The perfect balans between relaxation & excitement.
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Erotic massage Amsterdam


60 minutes Session
Full-service 45 minutes EROTIC pack with aroma therapy oil.

90 minutes session
Extra long full-service ERO pace.
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120 minutes session
2 times full-service ERO pack.
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Erotic massage in Amsterdam or Amsterdam airport at your hotel room Sit back and relax after arranging an Erotic massage at your hotel. About 30/40 minutes later an attractive masseuse will arrive at your hotelroom. The 60 minutes eroticmassage package starts with a short neck, back and legg massage to make you comfortable and relaxed. After handling this relaxing part,the sensual, erotic & exciting part of the package can begin. In general it comes down to extremely sensuality combinted with different massage technics, variations Erotic topless / fully nude. Amsterdam erotic service.

Finishing touch The erotic pack can be finished in the sensual, sexual or erotic level wich you prefer yourself. You can think of a Happy ending or totall intimate full- service. do not a shamed to dicuss your wishes with the employee or masseuse.


We are open daily from 2 pm untill 5 am. weekend from 2 pm untill 6 am. to request any information or make a reservation, you can contact us at : or call us at +31(0)6 111 449 33

Do's & dont's

Amsterdams best masseuses  

Do's & dont's Just sit back and relax for the masseuse to arrive. Maybe you can take care of the next to make sure you can enjoy your erotic massage in amsterdam to the max.

• Check if the temperature is comfortable, not to cold or hot.
• You could serve a glass of wine of champagne
• Maybe you can light some candles for the erotic atmosfere.

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