Massage service Amsterdam
Massage service in amsterdam: The perfect balans between relaxation & excitement.
Call for a erotic massage of a live time
Amsterdam:+31(0)6 111 449 33

Massage service Amsterdam

The perfect combination between total relaxation & excitement!!
There are not so meny massage services in Amsterdam. Mostly these agencies are corrupted escort agencies. They provide untrained girls, just show up with out any cleu about what kind of package you are expecting... or even with out therapeutic oil or any experience what so ever.end of story bad service. A good service distinguishes itself by different components. Read more below. Regarding any questionsabout the service what so ever, please dont hesitate to contact us at +31 (0)6-111 449 33 or send us a mail at

What you can expect:

Transparancy, good service, Hygienic cared, trained & attractive masseuses,
if the Company / agency gives transparancy upfront, it clears the sky. If you don't like the masseuse(s) wich shows up at your hotelroom door, don't worry it's is not a problem at all, dont be a shamed to ask the masseuse to leave again. There is a taxi fee for rejecting, wich is most of the times around the amount of 50 euro in amsterdam or amsterdam airport. Hygienic care. You can expect the masseuse to be exceptional hygienic and cared for, wich we garantee will be the case. the other side is that you should be too... please make sure you are clean or showered when the masseuse arrives.. this will increases the pleasure of the service for both of you. 30/35 minutes service in amsterdam or schiphol airport.
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